Text Mobile Marketing Solutions

Text mobile marketing (SMS) it is a method of communication that sends text between cell phones. There is a pretty good chance that your competition is using SMS to grow their business. SMS can drastically help you improve your customer reach with personalized messages, special offers and more.  SMS is 30 times more effective than traditional advertising.  It is by far the quickest, easiest and most effective way to reach your audience and engage them on the most personal level. With SMS marketers enjoy 98% read and open rates, 40% and higher response rates

J Morgan Designs and Consulting has partnered with Protexting.  Protexting is a leader in mobile marketing realm.  Protexting is a complete and affordable mobile marketing solution for your business.  It’s super simple.  As easy as sending an email, even faster.  It is a great way to drive sales and staying in touch with your clients.  SMS with Protexting is cheaper and more effective than any other type of marketing.

The Protexting portal is easy to use and navigate.  Protexting is constantly adding new features to keep your customers loyal and grow your business!

If you want to deliver personalize messages or capture new customers give J Morgan Designs and consulting a call today.


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